4K video ecosystem years away from mass market

Rosy forecasts for consumer use of 4K or Ultra-HD video are overly optimistic, says a new report from TDG, Forecasting the 4K Video Ecosystem, 2014-2025.

While 4K will ultimately reach the mainstream, it will be a niche market for at least another five years, with widespread viewing of 4K content arriving in 2019 and growing quickly beyond.

Joel Espelien, author of the new report, notes that short-term viewership of 4K video will be driven by consumer purchases of smart TVs with 4K functionality. However, the diffusion of 4K televisions will occur more slowly than many believe due to poor consumer awareness, high prices, and lack of 4K content. That said, the emergence of 4K-enabled devices will help to fill this gap.

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