SmartRez IT®


SmartRez IT® Up Conversion, is a powerful restoration tool that replaces upconversion as the tool of choice for SD to HD image translation. It uses sophisticated and proprietary algorithms to enable content owners of standard and high-definition material to convert it to 2K, UHD, 4K in SDR, Dolby Vision and HDR-10. This is a non-real-time process, utilizing numerous filters to sharpen the images, reduce noise and composite artifacts, address aliasing problems, eliminate 3:2 pulldown, and fix broken cadences through advanced, frame-by-frame motion tracking. In the past, SD-to-HD image translations used dedicated hardware approaches that were hampered because they required real-time processing. SmartRez IT® restoration technology allows for the necessary process time and automates the refining stages.

illuminate has already applied the SmartRez IT® restoration process to convert such notable series as “Larry Sanders Show”, “Living Single”, “Love and War,” “Married with Children” and “Who’s the Boss,” so audiences can enjoy them in an all-new clarity.

These restoration processes allow our clients to repurpose their valuable library assets to current viewing standards for both traditional and emerging video-on-demand platforms. As a result, content owners reap the benefits of new revenue streams.