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Vanessa started off stage managing in college and accepted an internship that provided her the opportunity to work professionally on the East Coast. Upon her return, she continued to stage-manage and light design in and around Los Angeles for operas, concerts, plays, and musicals, eventually transitioning her focus to working in the film & television industry.

She worked as a PA on feature films and explored broadcast basics in the City of Commerce’s Production Development courses and eventually enrolled in school to receive her BA in film and television. Vanessa served as a Production Supervisor for the City of Pasadena covering elections, city council meetings, current events, and protests as well as teaching other adults how to work studio equipment for community-produced programming. An avid photographer, videographer, and editor, she has had her work published and aired and has received two Golden Bell Awards for documentaries revolving around two separate MUSD programs. Her employment at illuminate began when she came in as a contract chyron operator back in 2004. The staff, crew, and environment at illuminate made her realize this was where she wanted to continue to grow and eventually came on as a full-time staff member, filling in any necessary roles that needed support.

After a short hiatus in 2013 to focus on community activism and expand art programs in the underserved areas of Southeast Los Angeles and Montebello CA, she returned to illuminate as Studio Coordinator and was later promoted to VP, Studio Operations in 2022.

When not focusing on broadcast-related responsibilities, Vanessa splits her time volunteering with non-profit foundations such as FMUSDF providing scholarship opportunities for underserved youth, serving as VP of Casa Cultural Saybrook, which creates opportunities for low-income children interested in a variety of mediums in the arts and spending time with her supportive family –Jason, Taylor, David, Kristen, and Kiera.