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Son of a NASA rocket scientist, Steven arrived in Hollywood with innovation in his very DNA. His vision – to be sustained over the next 25 years – was to launch the industry’s first technology services company that applied science to production and post production processes with the ambitious goal of achieving high quality image and sound at greater economies for the client. Out of this vision arose illuminate, a singular shop offering high-end production, post-production, and pictorial image enhancement for clients seeking an end to piecemeal work and fumbled project handovers. With scientific control of a project’s entire lifecycle from the first shot to the final broadcast, Steven could then implement a series of patented and proprietary technologies designed to improve image, audio, and workflow. Taken together, they dramatically improve the overall experience for the client and the viewing audience.

Steven began his career in the motion picture industry in 1987 as a highly skilled engineer and colorist where he contributed several key process improvements for companies including Sat Corp., International Video Conversions (IVC) and Campus Network. With prescient knowledge regarding the changes in the industry latent within the transition to digital technologies, Steven launched High Technology Video (HTV) in 1995 and built it into an integrated company hitting revenue targets of over $14 million within its first six years.

Focusing on pictorial image enhancement, Steven was the driving force behind illuminate’s advanced restoration tool kit including iGR™: Grain Reduction, iR.E.C.R.E.A.T.E™ color matching, iConform®, and SmartRez IT™. He pioneered the company’s cutting-edge capabilities such as the Deep Image Scanner (DIS) and the Stereoscopic Conversion Department and is responsible for the company’s key acquisitions including HD Vision Studios and Red Engine. Through his initiatives, illuminate became a company of “firsts,” as when it was the first to master a feature film for high definition digital satellite delivery to theaters.

Steven has always navigated illuminate’s growth towards the industry’s leading edge. Having built a company comprising production, post-production, library services, syndication, and research & design, Steven sees it not simply as the sum of its five divisions but more synergistically as “a technology company that serves the entertainment industry.” Now, as technology becomes entertainment, not even the sky’s the limit.