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In a technology solutions company like illuminate, the Chief Engineer’s role is as intricate as it is indispensable. Rich manages the company’s production and post production facilities and its extensive inventory of equipment. For example, he is responsible for making sure that all edit suites, green screens, stages, QC bays and even the company’s 4K Center are functioning at top efficiency.

“I wear lots of hats,” notes Rich. “I am part fireman, part policeman, part construction worker, part therapist, and part host. In other words, I handle problems as they arise. I train our operators and clients on the proper use of the equipment, I make sure that the gear is fully operational, and I reconfigure our systems as new jobs come online.” Humble by nature, Rich is an invaluable part of the team who designs, installs, upgrades, and repairs the company’s advanced engineering solutions for companies including Disney, Fox, Miramax, Paramount, SONY, Warner Bros. and others. He built the editing rooms for illuminate’s work on 24, Baywatch and the X-Files and helped construct the 3D theatre used in the stereoscopic conversion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Rich also engineered and built the company’s new 4K Center with multiple 4K color grading & editing suites and 4K digital restoration services (DRS).

According to Illuminate Executive Chairman Steven Wiener, “Rich joined illuminate in 1998 as shipping manager and worked in various capacities before being promoted to engineer. He is and will continue to be an enormous asset to illuminate and its future plans for growth and diversification.”

It takes a skilled individual to understand the complexities of so wide a range of cutting edge and legacy technologies as illuminate supports. Yet another aptitude entirely is the range of interpersonal skills prerequisite to being a good mentor. With this rare stretch, Rich is regarded by his entire team as a coach, a consultant, and a guide. “I have a coaching background and I apply a teamwork mentality to everything I do” he notes. “I have found that with a little encouragement and by believing and trusting in your team, you can accomplish anything in front of you.”

A former athlete, Rich enjoys playing basketball and softball, hiking and deep-sea fishing. He cherishes his family time with his wife and children at their Lake Arrowhead cabin.