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Producer/Post Supervisor

Like many of illuminate’s staff, Bill has been with the company for well over a decade, having been recruited by founder Steven Wiener in 2002. Prior to coming onboard, Bill worked in the industry for over twenty years through Trans American Video and Merv Griffin Enterprises. There he developed a sound working knowledge of production & production technology and moved into Operations Management on shows including Wheel of Fortune, the Merv Griffin Show, and Jeopardy.

As illuminate’s Producer/Post Supervisor, Bill oversees the company’s technical & creative staff to ensure that all digital intermediates (DI) are performed beyond his clients’ expectations. This involves ongoing communication with his clients, creating workflows tailored to each project in accordance with the very latest technologies available for accomplishing them and working closely with the technical, creative and executive teams involved with each project. He worked with Netflix on 4K originals including The Christmas Prince, The Princess Switch and The Christmas Prince Royal Wedding. He and his team remastered 11 seasons the X-Files for Fox, 5 seasons of Baywatch for Fremantle, Holocaust for CBS, The Shield for SONY Pictures, and Pee-wee’s Playhouse for Herman’s World.

Bill loves what he does and appreciates that illuminate’s true genius resides in the collective ingenuity of its highly skilled and passionate creative staff. When not burning the midnight oil on the company’s latest projects, Bill spends quiet time with his family or lights out for parts unknown on planes, motorcycles, and ultimately along unmapped hiking paths.