Review: Panasonic GH4, The Ultimate Hybrid for Video & 4K Fans

It’s not for nothing that the Lumix GHs have grown to become some of the most sought-after hybrids by professionals, a merit few amateur-oriented cameras can claim. The GH4 drives the point home by adopting the same principle as its predecessors: to fuse all of the brand’s know-how into a single chassis. Not only does it boast a 16-Megapixel 4/3″ CMOS sensor, a Venus Engine processor, Wi-Fi and NFC, but the GH4 is also the only prosumer interchangeable-lens camera that natively shoots 4K video.


One: there’s a lock button on the mode dial. Two: the mode dial has lost the ‘Scene Guide’ position. Three: the drive mode dial on the left side of the lens now has a ‘Time Lapse’ position. Four: the rubber eye cup is slightly more curved to reduce the amount of lateral light coming in. Five: that’s it. You can literally count the number of physical differences between the Lumix GH4 and the Lumix GH3 on one hand. But this relative stagnation isn’t necessarily a problem given how well Panasonic has perfected its hybrids’ bodies over the years.

We were happy to find the same front and rear dials; the WB, ISO and Exposure Compensation buttons under the index finger; and five customisable Fn buttons. The Fn buttons haven’t budged, but they’ve been completed with five extra virtual buttons on the touchscreen (that’s three more than before), and they can be assigned any function from a 14-page-long list ranging from Wi-Fi and microphone to depth of field and zebra patterning.

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